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Undergraduate Networking Worksheets

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This is a set of worksheets covering a variety of undergraduate networking topics.

This is a set of worksheets with answers covering a variety of undergraduate networking topics. They were compiled from several years of homework and handouts for this course. They are organized by topic and by week. Both the worksheets and the answer keys are available. They are in .pdf form. The topics are as follows:

September 7: Taxonomy of Communication Networks

September 14: Internet Design Decisions

September 21: Socket Programming, Client

September 28: Socket Programming, Server

October 5: IP Addressing and Forwarding

October 12: The Web, LANs, and Midterm Review

October 26: ARP, ICMP, DNS, and DHCP

November 2: Link-State, Distance-Vector, and BGP

November 9: Multicast, Packet Scheduling, QoS, and more BGP

November 16: TCP

November 30: Wireless and Security

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