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A network emulator for setting up and performing networking experiments. Equipped with several ready-to-use labs described by slides.

Netkit is an environment for setting up and performing networking experiments at low cost and with little effort. It allows to "create" virtual network devices (full-fledged routers, switches, computers, etc.) that can be easily interconnected in order to form a network on a single PC. Networking equipments are virtual but feature many of the characteristics of the real ones, including the configuration interface.

Netkit exploits open source software (mostly licensed under GPL) and is heavily based on the User Mode Linux (UML) kernel.

A corpus of teaching material is provided that can be used for courses at different levels.

Among the most popular ready-to-use labs and slides: Configuration of static routes, ARP, RIP, DNS, E-mail, IEEE 802.1D STP, MPLS, several BGP-related labs.

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