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A Computer Networks Experience in the Transition to the European Space for Higher Education

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Francisco Valera; Marcelo Bagnulo
Since the Bologna declaration on the European space for higher education (ESHE) was signed in 1999, around 50 countries (including the 27 member states of the European Union) have joined this effort to homogenize higher education (initially in Europe, although many other countries have already embraced the initiative). The ESHE was stated to be finished by 2010 (all the university programs should be adapted by then). In Spain, notorious changes have been required in the different programs and courses, both in the educational framework (structure, study length, etc.) as well as in the educational methodology that now follows a more ‘student driven’ approach. This paper is describing the education experience in a Computer Networks course that is taught in the first Spanish Computer Science program that has been officially adapted to the ESHE in the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.



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Page last modified on April 29, 2011