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Network Architecture - Teaching how Technology links with Business

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Vijay Sivaraman, Sanjay Jha, Adam Radford and Kevin Bloch
As enterprise, service provider, and national networks expand in scale and scope, there is a growing need in the industry for people with skills in network architecture. This role is not merely about glueing technology pieces together; instead, it aims to align technology decisions with business goals, operating within an overarching framework that includes cost, time, and skills constraints and compromises, and plans the design and evolution of the

system over time. We believe there is a need to provide University students, once they understand technology fundamentals, with exposure to the network architecture process. Our experience with developing and offering such a course at UNSW last year indicates that students are better able to appreciate why and how technology can be applied to business, not just the what of the technology.




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Page last modified on April 23, 2011