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An Open-source and Declarative Approach Towards Teaching Large-scale Networked Systems Programming

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Harjot Gill Taher Saeed Qiong Fei Zhuoyao Zhang Boon Thau Loo
This paper describes our experiences at the University of Pennsylvania in developing course projects for a large ad- vanced undergraduate and first year graduate course in net- worked systems. Students work in teams to develop sub- stantial networked systems programming projects (>10000 lines of code) using network simulator 3 (ns-3), an emerg- ing open-source network simulator that is aimed at replac- ing the popular ns-2 simulator. Projects are developed in layers, where students build upon earlier assignments, first developing a protocol for Internet Protocol (IP) routing, fol- lowed by a distributed hash table (DHT) overlay network, and finally, a keyword-based search engine. One novelty of our assignments is the use of ns-3 in a large class setting, where students navigate through hundreds of thousands of lines of existing code before adding their extensions. In ad- dition, selected groups develop the final project using declar- ative networking, a novel declarative framework that allows protocols to be rapidly synthesized using a high-level logic language into ns-3 implementations.



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