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peer-to-peer protocols

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Course on peer-to-peer content replication protocols with a focus on BitTorrent. This course also address fundamental issues of distributed security and privacy.

The outline of the course is the following:

  • Overview
    • What is a P2P application?
    • Popularity of P2P applications?
  • Content replication
    • P2P performance
    • Parallel download
    • Piece and peer selection
  • BitTorrent
    • Protocol overview
    • Algorithm details
    • Evaluation
      • Torrent scale
        • Tracker log analysis
        • Large scale crawl
      • Algorithms
  • Advanced subjects
    • Defeating BitTorrent
    • BitTorrent locality
  • Security
    • Foundations
      • Shared secret
      • Chaum network
    • Privacy attacks

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